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Beazer Lock and Key offers the Schlage Primus high security systems.

Schlage Primus

For pick-resistant cylinders or geographic exclusivity of your key blanks, step up to Schlage’s Primus® high-security cylinder system. No matter what level of security you need, Schlage offers a system to help you gain control and keep control.

Key Systems Management - Primus® Patented High Security

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Key Control Level: Primus

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Schlage Support
We meet your delivery expectations with stock products and QuicKey programs.

Stock Products & IR Fast Track
Schlage stocks many of our most commonly ordered products to provide dealers with 10-day delivery. The IR Fast Track program offers a 24-hour or 5-day turn around on Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies products. Whether you need Schlage, Falcon, Von Duprin, Monarch, Dor-O-Matic, LCN, Ives, Glynn-Johnson, Recognition Systems, Locknetics or Steelcraft products quickly, Ingersoll Rand has the program to support your needs.

QuicKey is a new program that complements our stock product offering to make sure you get the responsive delivery you need on key blanks. This comprehensive program includes all standard bow embossed key blanks, including restricted and Primus blanks. Patented Primus and Everest keys ordered through the QuicKey program typically ship in five days! Non-Primus Classic and Best replacement keys typically ship in ten days! There are no special forms required, any key-only order for QuicKey products automatically receives this priority delivery schedule.

Schlage gives you on-the-job-flexibility

Choose the product that fits your customers’ needs
Mixing and matching Primus® cylinders with Everest® or Classic cylinders provides a cost-effective, flexible solution. Primus high-security keys can operate Everest or Classic cylinders; however, Everest and Classic keys do not operate Primus cylinders. This allows interior doors to be secured with Everest or Classic cylinders and vulnerable exterior doors to be protected with Primus cylinders while still maintaining a single building master key. Since Everest and Classic keys do not operate Primus cylinders, you have an extra level of control over how much access each user has when you choose the type of key that is issued.